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Many folks know that with Tina losing her job last year and the fallout from being sick and such, I took a new job. You only need to look at my picture to realize this is not my first rodeo.

My job puts me in touch with 60-80 new people every day. Add in the 100 plus people I work with and you can see the challenges that might occur.

One of the things I have found is that with the type of solutions and sales I work with my life is often about “invading” someone else’s life. An IT Manager, a CEO, CTO or CFO. Sometimes it may well be the lowest man on the totem pole in an organization. One of the things I have set before me is the simple thinking that these people are people. They are not a number or a check mark in my call log. They are people who have real life experiences. Some good, some not so good. And depending where you catch them in their process can have various results.

I can tell them I can save them money. (I can.) I can tell them I want to help them. (I do.) But, until we are on the same plane, it is difficult.

This week I developed a new client, who told me I am the first new vendor solution they have allowed in over 3-4 years.

How did I get it? Was it price? Only on a certain level. Was it product line? Not really. The product was not unique to our company. So, what was it? “You have made a sincere investment in us.” So, when one of the folks there had a baby this Wednesday (Same day as my new granddaughter.) they knew I cared.

I am tired of being in lines, buying things and feeling like I do not count. I imagine on some level, so are they. I don’t just want service, I want to continue my experience of life.

Last night my wife asked me if I “really” care about people I talk to. (Not a sarcastic remark, just a real question.) I said, “yes, I do. I may be the only person that does that whole day.”

I know I can bring people the best price (Our company is a Tier 1 Reseller, Fortune 1000 provider.) and the best solutions. (We are continually trained, have amazing resources and have one of the most awesome tech teams in the industry.) They have that part ALL figured out. So, what is my piece? To bring the real life, daily connection to a person.

I know I am “invading” their space. So, I honor them. I respect them.

Life is “hard” enough some times without making it harder.

My work at PC Connections is important. Not only to my family, but to my friends. If you know folks who work for companies that have more than 50 employees, I can probably help them with IT solutions, hardware, software and IT related staffing. If you want to reach me you can call me at work at 800-800-0014 x76284.

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