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  • Does your business need more sales?
  • Have you considered how to increase your sales?
  • Have you thought about marketing?
  • Do you find yourself advertising and seeing no results?

I will bring my years of entrepreneurial and business experience to help you develop a successful marketing program for your business.

My expertise includes knowledge of radio, television and print advertising. I will help you with social media, content and event marketing, My goal is to help you become successful and allow you to focus on your business.

I can help you develop a solid marketing plan to help you:

  • Specify a vision for your business
  • Define and communicate your mission
  • Outline what you want to accomplish
  • Describe your ideal client
  • Identify what makes you different
  • Create a roadmap for achieving your goals
  • Focus on what is important
  • Create an action plan for what you need


40 years of experience in sales, marketing & advertising. Previous experience includes:

  • Publisher & Owner of 5 local newspapers designed to promote area businesses and community.
  • Owner & President of an internet company in the 1990’s. A pioneer of content marketing.
  • Author and Writer
  • Radio Consultant, General Manager & On-Air Personality
  • Owner Web Design & Web Consultant
  • Business Coach & Business Consultant
  • Award winning Store Manager from 256 stores for 9 months running in sales


  • Free 1 Hour Consultation
  • Monthly 1-hour meeting to discuss your Marketing & Advertising program
  • Help you develop or maintain your advertising and marketing plan
  • Work to get you the lowest pricing on advertising
  • Choose from programs designed to help you maintain your web or social media profiles
  • Content marketing, press release and event marketing available
  • Customized programs for any budget or need.
  • Pricing starts as low as $25 a month.


Our goal is to help you concentrate on sales, while we work to provide what you need to promote your business successfully.

We believe that these three principles, applied to your business will change your future.

  • Build Business
  • Build Relationships
  • Build Community

Let us help you get started today. Call to set up your FREE 1 Hour Consultation.

Your free consultation will last approximately 1 hour. During that time we will discuss; your vision & mission; what you want to accomplish; help you identify your key and target customers; discuss what makes you different; begin to examine a road map for the future; discuss an action plan scenario and help you look at possible options.

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