Make Treating People Right Your Mission

leejohndrowteamWhile at work I had another one of those “can you fix it” calls. “I am not sure but I will do my best.”

If I have one problem that looms before me during the day, it is the one that needs to see things fixed, nothing left undone. I have had to learn what a friend calls “planned neglect” over certain things. Add my desire to want to “help” people and it is hard. Recognizing that I did not “create their problem” their problem, that their sense of urgency is not necessarily mine and that sometimes they just need to vent are important in what I do.

Philosophically, I understand I can’t always be right, I can’t always fix things and I can’t always help. (Admittedly ALL of those are a struggle for me.)

But what I can do is develop a statement about what I can do and begin to own it.

My mission statement to my clients is perhaps along these lines.

My Promise To You
I will treat you with honor and respect. I will provide you, my client with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. I will give you the full value of my expertise, creativity and experience. I will participate wholeheartedly in your projects so that you can be best served. I will treat you as I would want to be treated by a trusted business partner. I will provide you with answers and solutions in a timely manner and fashion. My goal is and always will be to exceed your expectations.

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