Disappointments In Hiring Practices

leejohndrowteamI make no bones about my 58 years here on earth. I am quite pleased with who I am and my continuing progress. As many of my friends know I had a time of being sick a couple of years ago related to environmental poisoning caused me to lose my business in September of 2012. That following year was a difficult time. I thought I would pop back and begin to try some things. The sudden layoff of my wife after 13 years caused me to “think different” and pursue a job with a company rather than go back into business. I have an impressive resume. I am strong with enterprise, innovation and creativity. I get jobs done. I do realize working for yourself is a hindrance to the hiring practices of many companies. I get it. Add in age as another hindrance (I even had one company say that.) and you know you are on a shorter reach. But I have a strong work ethic, so I am not really too “worried”.

My practice is simple. Each week I have an approximate 50 websites that I cover. From the majors like Monster, Simply Hired, Indeed, The Ladders and many smaller ones. I use local boards and state sites as well. I am disciplined in my approach. Recently I went to the state job center and began to get caught up in new practices, thinking as well as gong over a battery of tests and such. I am pretty good with “rejection” after years of sales and such. Overall I would say I am probably a 10 out of 10 on job search , getting resumes, applications and letters out. If I have one area of weakness, it is predicated on “calling back” but even that is improving!

I have learned a lot about how companies solicit applicants. I am okay with the process that many companies use to seek employees. I am okay that they use the practice of searching out resumes with key words and such. I am okay that they post on boards and such and I recognize in these economic times they are possibly inundated with people seeking jobs.

But for me this week “took the cake”. Promised to and not delivered to.

Here is what lead up to it.

I interviewed at a place who contacted me within minutes after receiving my resume. (I had applied there previously and was told to my face, “you know you are too old for this”. It was a sales position. I have a record of record breaking breaking sales. I have never failed to meet personal goals which are ALWAYS in excess of company standards. I have had #1 stores, #1 sales awards and more. I have won trips, cash and cars. But I let him “off the hook”.) So when I was called on another job there, I thought, “hmmm”. I went. Different interviewer. He told me straight up I was “over qualified” for this particular job and would be bored. (I figured $40,000 a year, car and benefits I will get over my boredom for now!) He said to me, “But I called you in to meet you. After meeting with you I see you have a way that makes people feel comfortable. I am going to talk to the president of the company on Monday. We need you!” I followed up a few days later thanking him for the interview and such. I left believing him. 3 weeks later not a letter of rejection or anything. No response.

And so this past week, I attended an area job fair. I had picked who I would talk to. I met with one company I had applied for a few months prior to and they were still seeking to fill THAT position. But the lady was rude. I met with a few others and went to the one I wanted to be with. On a scale of 1 to 10, this was an “11” for me. I could have written the job description for me! A great interview with the promise of a call and an exchange of cards. I sent a letter to the person who would be my immediate supervisor and looped the interviewer in as well. I wrote a separate letter to him and thanked him for the time. Folks, a week later I have not even received an acknowledgment.

Maybe I just don’t get it but what happened to respect and response? A large company because it takes job correspondence on line could have an automatic rejection process if that is what it takes. And if you do not choose people, hit a button and say “thanks but no thanks!” Is that so hard? A smaller company has auto-responders and could at least acknowledge letters and such.

These companies are local and I just don’t get it. Tell me I do not fit the bill and I will go on. But let me say this to you, you are wrong in the process you are choosing. Awfully wrong. At some point disappointed applicants are going to throw you under the bus. (Though “disappointed” in your practice it stops here and I am not one of them.) One of you is struggling to figure out your next step. That was our whole conversation. You are concerned. Heck, I would have come on for free the opportunity was “so me”. You wanted innovation. That is my middle name!

Vent over.

Businesses-I think you are missing a vital piece. Being people. I learned a long time ago “under promise and over deliver”. You might consider this.

And maybe just maybe I need to consider my options and do something inventive, creative and innovative. Will get back to you on that.



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