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leejohndrowteamThis week I encountered a situation at work. A man called in to our company. He was angry. He had been waiting on a quote for his business. I suggested he “breath”. He slowed up and I promised him I would help him and get answers.

Multiple things had happened. He had worked with another company on our floor, another account rep and many other things. My “job” I felt was to help him. I told my superiors I did not care about the money or whether I got the account. I felt we were to help him and preserve the integrity of the company. It was tense moment. But once the full situation was reviewed, I was given the go ahead.

The end result is not apparent. I worked long past my “day’s end” to get him answers and the required quote. Friday night and most had already left. Jacob and my wife were in the car waiting.

Doing what you believe to be right, sometimes puts you at odds with others.

I wanted to “hand it off” but before I knew it, it was fully in my hands. Meanwhile the clock was ticking. I have to make 60 calls a day. Make two hours of phone time outbound. And do all the other things I am asked to do.

One of the guys on the floor joked with me (Or not…) that “can’t you just find a simple one?” (In three months everyone of them has a requirement that means it is not “just ship a box”.

This is not about me or “how good I am”. (Anyone that knows me, knows my struggles with failure in the workplace the last few months. Dollars and cents.)It is about doing what you believe to be right. At one point I said to my superior, “I will do whatever you say” hoping they would find someone else. As they thought for a minute,they responded with “its yours”.

I come from an era of service and helping others. It is ingrained in me. (The other day a young man made the comment about “your generation” and I was like “wow”.)I believe in helping people. Serving them. Some say it is a “dying breed”. Like getting the job done.

I live for a people who serve one another. And at the end of the day, I know it begins with me. I know people have “numbers” but they are not numbers. They are people. I may never recognize a dime of the 4 hours I invested yesterday, but I believe I did what I was called to do.

For me “people are my business”. My only business.

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