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leejohndrowteamI hate to lose. I am not sure about you, but losing does not fit my “mold”. When I was younger, I developed a heart for winning. It could be “backgammon for blood” or Monopoly, but losing is not in my DNA.

I work in a call center. Not just any call center, but a very high tech place. We have lots of people who know IT and technology like no one else. A Fortune 1000 place. We win. Often.

A few weeks ago, I “lost” a deal. The man was very pleasant as he told me, but while in the ballpark I was not in the game. I was patted on the back by others and told “that’s the way the game goes” but something inside of me did not “sit” right. I felt “set up” and I did not like it. The man told me where I was at with the bid. I was “close but no cigar”.

So, I left that file and that failed bid on my desk. Each day I would come in and it “burned” at me. So I began to do some research this week. I went back to the manufacturer and pleaded my case. I resent all the paper work.They came back with an additional savings of over 10%!

I redid the quote and time will tell. But I know I am lower than my competition by at least 5%-10%.

I could not, would not, give up. Certainly if you are to be an over comer, you need something to overcome. Sometimes it is situation, sometimes it is you! Whatever it is, in the words of Winston Churchill, “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” Failure is not an option! Seriously, failure is not a situation but usually a state of mind. Give consideration to what you are about to quit on. And make sure you can live with it.

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