3 Players You Need On Your Team

ideasI have come to the simple conclusion, that I am a reformer. I struggle when things do not work. I desire to be an “inventor” and an “innovator”, changing my environment and workplace for the better.

I want change for me and change for the company. Not just any change but upward change!

A delay this week from one of our software vendors left my health care client “behind”. Everything was on hold. ETA was 3 days. At noon our team went into gear.

I received this email from the client this AM. “I received the license keys at 2:00 pm today. (2 hours later) Looks like you really kicked everything into gear. I’ll be working on the server tonight, so thank you, thank you!”

I do not like being able to not serve my clients well. Thankful for the results on this one. (If your company wants great products and quality service, feel free to call me!) Innovation and creativity changed this for him.

Not everything goes the way you like it. But when you are faced with difficulties and the system does not “work”, you have to become creative to get things to “lift off”.

In business, like life, not everything runs smoothly. But, the employment of reformed thought process and innovative thinking often change everything. Different thinking is needed.

Look to these three people and their mindsets.

  • A reformer in the business world is one who does not conform to the status quo when difficulties occur. He or she may champion change. Just because “we have always done it this way” does not mean we can continue to do it that way.
  • An inventor creates change by their very nature. The idea often comes when words like “we can’t” come into play. (My question is “what if”?)
  • An innovator is often the one who grabs onto an existing idea and says “we can do this better”.

All the time and anywhere!

Yesterday a visit with a manufacturer’s representative left me feeling “empty” over their response to the sale of a new product. As I walked to the restroom and went into wash my hands and I had a flash of inspiration. I left the restroom and went out to the company’s representative and presented my thought and idea. (Creativity was all over this!) His response was “I am calling my boss right now! That is a great idea!” I said “you can remember me with cash”. (I ought to have asked for 1% of all sales generated by the idea.)

My flash of inspiration was the highlight of my work day.

The world of business needs people who will not just look at a system and accept it but will look at what will reform it and make it better. The inventive mind that can “play well” with others will lift a company to new heights. And the innovative soul is “never satisfied” always believing there is better.

The company and business of the next decade will need to be reliant on these folks and their minds. The last decade we came to understand fiscal responsibility and lean business models, but in the next few years these three people will change the way we do business for the better.

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